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I could not write new blog post for long time because of my study. I believed so much myself that I will write a blog post every week at least.
This post will cover usage of I2C serial communication protocol. Let’s talk about serial and parallel communication and what these are.

In serial communication, one bit will be transmitted at a time.


In parallel communication, block of bits will be transmitted at the same time.


Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of serial and parallel communication.

Data Transfer: Let’s assume that, we want to transfer 8 bits and parallel and serial communication channels use the same frequency. Otherwise, result may change and this is just an example to understand the concept easily. In parallel communication, we will have eight data lines to transmit one bit from our data and the receiver will receive the all bits at the same time. In serial communication, we will have one data line to transmit one bit at one time and the receiver will complete to receive all bits after 8 time blocks.


Speed: Parallel communication devices are faster than serial ones at the same frequency. The reason is given above (data transfer section).

Connection: Serial communication uses fewer cables than parallel communication. Because of that, the noise effect is relatively low in serial communication than parallel communication. Also, PCB design is much easier in serial communication than parallel communication because you have fewer lines 😊

Let’s give more example protocol for both communication concept.
SPI, I2C, RS-232, FireWire are the example protocols for serial communication.
ISA, PCI, ATA are the example protocols for parallel communication.


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